Team Members

East Coast Accessibility Experts is your not-for-profit community service providing easy, affordable solutions for residential and commercial modifications. East Coast Accessibility Experts is a team comprising of experienced, skilled and highly motivated individuals who are passionate about delivering an all-inclusive service to individuals, professionals and commercial businesses. At East Coast Accessibility Experts they believe home is where the heart is and consider it their priority to make a home as safe and comfortable as possible.

Be a best practice governance and risk management community based organisation

Board of Management

Coffs Harbour Home Modification + Maintenance Service Inc has a Board of Management of 7 members, endorsed through relevant declarations and commitments to hold these roles, signed Code of Conduct for Board Members; A new board was elected at our Annual General Meeting on 27 October 2014, consisting of 4 Executive Members and 3 Ordinary Members.

Board of Management are encouraged and do attend available training in their legal responsibilities;

Coffs Harbour Home Modification + Maintenance Service Inc reviewed its Constitution Under the Associations Incorporation Act, 2009 and reviews annually to ensure it continues to be relevant;

Coffs Harbour Home Modification + Maintenance Service Inc holds its Annual General Meeting in October of each year.